Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Highlights of his career include one of his early 1970’s deals; the profitable transformation of 17 multi-family complexes in the Seattle area and the communities where each property sat.  Also of note are his interactions with the Residential Trust Company, formed at the conclusion of the Savings and Loan debacle of the late 1980’s..  At that time, he became one of the RTC’s largest buyers of multifamily housing (ultimately totaling 18,000 apartments).  


Maxwell went on to merge his RTC properties into Walden Residential a Dallas, Texas based REIT, which at the time had been traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  Through this combination, a $1.4 billion thriving REIT was born. In addition, he was the founder of Concierge Asset Management. Concierge ultimately merged with Crossbeam Capital, which focuses on the acquisition and redevelopment of multifamily projects in distress. Today, Crossbeam owns and manages 8,000 residential apartments  


Maxwell is the proud holder of a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Illinois.  He considers his years in Urbana as one of the key times in his life.  In fact, he attributes much of his success to both the educational and life lessons learned during his years as a proud Illini.


Introducing the world of Maxwell Drever would not be complete without mention of his passion for all things philanthropic.  Maxwell’s charitable interests run far and wide, and include assisting in the health and education of underserved youth, building programs that create awareness for the many issues of eldercare health, and providing funds students struggling to pay for the ever increasing cost of college tuition in the United States.  


Excessive tuition is the impetus behind the subject of this website, the newly formed Maxwell Drever Scholarship.  The Scholarship, the Maxwell Drever Grant, and several other soon to be introduced initiatives will most certainly bring out the best of Maxwell’s can-do spirit , helping students struggling to make it to the day they receive their diplomas.

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