Peter DeCaprio Grant

Peter DeCaprio Grant

Peter DeCaprio is a highly-acclaimed entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and founder of FlowPoint Partners, LLC. It is a well-known specialty asset management company based in Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The firm has been focusing on alternative stratagems and investment solutions particularly, for family offices and RIAs. Peter DeCaprio was earlier the CEO and President of the well-known Crow Point Partners, an organization he had co-founded way back in 2006. He was heading ‘Trading & Risk Management’ at Crow Point. Moreover, he even worked as the Portfolio Manager Lead taking charge of ‘EAS Crow Point Alternatives Fund’. 

If you are a bright young student aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur or a high-flying professional, there is someone who is there to motivate you and help you accomplish your goals and fulfill your aspirations and dreams. Peter DeCaprio is the man who has been instrumental in instituting this prestigious Peter DeCaprio Grant. He is a business tycoon and a Financial & Investment expert par excellence. He is a renowned entrepreneur whose mission or vision in life is to support and motivate brilliant scholars to go about fulfilling their ambition despite all odds. Peter’s mission in life has always been to provide monetary and emotional support to underprivileged students struggling because of financial issues and associated distress. 

During his successful career, he amassed invaluable experience and expertise as a financial and investment expert. Peter DeCaprio had a productive stint at Evergreen Investments, where he contributed his expertise as a senior analyst. His role covered multiple sectors, including telecommunications, utility, and even media. Before joining Evergreen Investments, he was employed at Thomas Weisel Partners in a highly responsible capacity as the Senior Equity Analyst. 

Passion for Doing Something Big – Peter DeCaprio

Before a successful career as a professional and an entrepreneur, Peter DeCaprio had a flawless academic track record. He graduated from the prestigious Fuqua School of Business under Duke University. Peter got his MBA degree from the reputed and highly acclaimed business school. He acquired a BS from Tufts University, where he specialized in Political Science. Peter DeCaprio was a dedicated student and worked hard with a single-minded focus on achieving his goals. Peter DeCaprio can relate to students, who are ambitious and wish to do something remarkable and ground-breaking in life. 

A Philanthropist & a Source of Inspiration to All

Peter DeCaprio has gained phenomenal recognition and success over the years. He is an acknowledged and highly-acclaimed financial guru in his own right. Needless to say, Peter DeCaprio has always been a kind-hearted soul who was thoughtful enough to never forget the underprivileged sections of society. He has always focused on giving back to his immediate community. He made it a point to give away a chunk of his firm’s profits as donations to various charities for supporting diverse causes. He gave importance to philanthropic efforts and noble initiatives. He has been instrumental in establishing grants, scholarships, fellowships, and giveaways for supporting and providing monetary aids to needy American students, who are often, compelled by circumstances to encounter financial hardships while pursuing higher studies. 

Peter DeCaprio Grant Instructions

The Grant would be award to the best candidate academically and one who is the most prolific essay writer based on the evaluation of all the applications and submissions received within the specified deadline. A young scholar with the dedication and spirit to revolutionize the world around him and who presents fascinating and innovative solutions would be chosen as the winner of the prestigious Peter DeCaprio Grant.

The Peter DeCaprio Grant Guidelines

Before submitting your application to Peter DeCaprio, the applicants should focus on fulfilling the specified eligibility criteria given below:

The grant candidates should be currently enroll at a registered, reputed, and accredited American university or college.

Applicants should presently be a Junior, Freshman, or Sophomore. It will be preferable if a candidate is currently enrolled graduate in any recognized American institution.

All applicants should compose an interesting and innovative 700 to 850-word essay, and the given topic is ‘What are the behavioral finance challenges you are afraid of encountering and how would you overcome them?’

Amount: The Peter DeCaprio Grant is precisely a one-time award of $1000.


  • Applicants must be citizens or legal residents of the USA.
  • They will need to produce appropriate documents in support of their citizenship/residency.
  • They must also have secured admission in any accredited/recognized/registered public or private university/school.
  • Applicants are also required to have obtained approval from a parent to apply for the scholarship and accept it if declared the beneficiary.


Applications close on the 1st of July, 2022.

Application Procedure

All applicants need to submit a high-quality and original essay on the topic: “Write about something you are passionate about? What makes it so appealing to you?

The following details must accompany the essay:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Documents in support of being a citizen or legal resident of the US
  • Parental approval to apply for the scholarship and receive the scholarship amount, if selected.
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account details for transfer of scholarship amount, if selected.
  • The name of the accredited/recognized/registered public or private university/school, the applicant is enrolled in.
  • Scheduled date of graduation
  • Current GPA

The essay and the candidate details, along with the other documents as applicable, are to be sent as MSWord document attachments by email to [email protected]

Winner Selection & Award Disbursement

  • The winner of the Peter DeCaprio Scholarship will be declared on the 15th of July, 2022 at
  • The winning applicant will be also informed via an official email issued by the office of Peter DeCaprio.
  • The winner will need to confirm receipt of the email intimation and acceptance of the scholarship to enable the transfer of the scholarship amount to the designated bank account.
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