Jinhee Wilde Law Legacy Scholarship

Jinhee Wilde Law Legacy Scholarship


The Jinhee Wilde Law Legacy Scholarship embodies the spirit of its namesake’s dedication to legal excellence and educational empowerment. This annual $1,000 scholarship is not confined to the field of law; instead, it extends Jinhee Wilde’s reach to support ambitious students across all disciplines. It is designed for U.S. undergraduate students who demonstrate not only academic prowess but also the determination to surmount challenges and contribute meaningfully to their communities..


for the Jinhee Wilde Law Legacy Scholarship is broad to ensure that a wide range of students have the opportunity to apply. To be eligible, applicants must:

– Attend an accredited US college or university for an undergraduate degree.

– Maintain a satisfactory academic record with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

– Show devotion to education and professional aspirations through courses and extracurriculars.

Application process

for the Jinhee Wilde Law Legacy Scholarship is designed to give students the opportunity to showcase their academic achievements, career aspirations, and personal values. To apply, students must:

– Write an essay of 500–1000 words on a provided topic.

– Complete the online application form.

Essay Question:

In an era where legal and ethical challenges are increasingly complex, the role of education in shaping future leaders is more crucial than ever. Reflecting on Jinhee Wilde’s multifaceted career—from a federal prosecutor to a leading immigration attorney and an advocate for educational empowerment—write an essay discussing how you plan to use your education to navigate and influence the dynamic landscape of your chosen field. How will the principles of law and justice inform your approach to potential challenges, and in what ways do you aspire to leave your own legacy in your professional and community endeavors?”

Application Deadline

April 15th 2024

Award Announcement

May 20th 2024

Award Value


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