Rahul Gandhi CPA Grant

Rahul Gandhi CPA Grant

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The $1,000 Rahul Gandhi CPA Grant was created to aid students who are continuing their education in the US. Any students who are enrolled in an approved college or institution in the United States are eligible for this grant. The Award is designed to offer financial support to students who are dedicated to their studies and are making a lot of effort to reach their objectives.

Each year, one student will receive the Grant; the winner will be selected based on academic standing, financial need, and submission of an essay. Students must submit an application form, an essay explaining their aims and aspirations, and a personal statement in order to be considered for the Grant.

The goal of the Rahul Gandhi CPA Grant is to assist students in overcoming financial obstacles to their education so they can realize their full potential. The Grant aspires to empower the next generation of leaders and contribute to a better future for everyone by aiding students in their pursuit of higher education.

Scholarship Guidelines

1. Eligibility

  • Accepted into an accredited college or University in the United States.
  • International students studying in the United States, are also eligible to apply.

2. Essay Requirements

  • Written in English.
  • 600-700 words.
  • Original, no plagiarized content.
  • Content should be well written and descriptive.
  • 3. Essay Topic

    • If you had the opportunity to travel and attend college for a semester abroad, where would you want to go and why?
    • Application Deadline

      • July 10, 2023

    • Award Announcement