Rizwan Ahmed CPA Grant

Rizwan Ahmed CPA Grant

Apply for the Rizwan Ahmed CPA Grant

Mr. Rizwan Ahmed CPA has recently established the Rizwan Ahmed CPA Grant. His grant will ease the tuition burden of one student selected based on both their application and merit. This sgrant will pave their way towards graduation, and hopefully, towards the pursuit of a successful career.

How to submit your application:

Submissions must include all information noted below, and be sent via email to [email protected] . The grant essay must be submitted and attached as a Word document.

Essay Question (answer must contain 700-850 words):

“Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Financial Goals”

The following information must be submit with your essay:

First Name/Last Name
Phone Number
Mailing Address
Email Address
If you currently attend high school, please provide:
Graduation Date (MM.DD.YYYY)
The University you will most likely attend
Your current GPA

If you are currently a freshman/sophomore/junior, please provide:
The name of the accredited University you are currently enrolled at
A personal biography in 270 characters or less

Qualified majors: All Majors

Award amount: $1000

Application deadline: 15th-Dec-2022

Award date: 23th-Dec-2022

Rizwan Ahmed CPA has worked in finance for all of his adult life. He has understood the importance of smart financial decisions since he was very young. Ahmed CPA has seen people struggle financially and knows how hard it is to seek solutions to complex financial questions. One of his greatest motivations is helping those who truly need assistance with their finances. This is why he created the Rizwan Ahmed CPA Grant.

– see more at:  https://rizwanahmedcpagrant.com/