David JC Cutler Scholarship

David JC Cutler Scholarship

David JC Cutler

About Us.

Mr. Cutler is highly experienced and accomplished finance executive with outstanding technical accounting skills and proven financial management and entrepreneurial achievements, delivered in a broad range of senior financial management roles in organizations ranging from startups to multi-national corporations.
Mr. Cutler has been the Principal of Cutler & Co., LLC since 2002. Cutler & Co. LLC is a Colorado registered accounting company that has been focused on providing fractional Chief Financial Officer, accounting, bookkeeping, tax and consulting services to startups, private companies seeking to raise debt or equity funding and micro-cap public companies. Between 2011 – 2015, Cutler & Co. LLC was also a PCAOB registered auditing firm auditing more than 50 public companies prior to the sale of its auditing business in 2015.Cutler & Co. LLC registered with the PCAOB in 2020 and is now eligible to audit publicly quoted companies once again.

The David JC Cutler Scholarship is the most humanitarian initiative of David Cutler, the principal at Cutler & Co. LLC. He is associated with a Colorado-based accounting company and has all the requisite knowledge and skills. He is the Chief Financial Officer and responsible for outsourcing Controller Services to medium and small-sized businesses operating in the private sector.

The scholarship idea is the brainchild of David JC Cutler, a revolutionary idea to help the talented, brilliant students of America, who has the knowledge and intelligence to pursue advanced studies in the reputed colleges or universities in the United States of America, but not the funds to pay for the expensive college tuition fees.

David JC Cutler Knowledge
David JC Cutler is an extremely knowledgeable and qualified CEO and auditor with over 30 years of experience to his credit. He uses his innovative ideas and implements outstanding solutions to a gamut of financial hurdles in private sector companies, be it sole proprietorship firms or billion-dollar corporations operating globally.

Being associated with Arthur Andersen and holding senior financial management posts with numerous giant corporations operating worldwide for the last two decades, He has honed the required skills and providing financial services as a CEO to medium and small-scale enterprises.

David JC Cutler has proven technical skills, leadership qualities, as well as, practical and entrepreneurial experience to solve financial problems to help businesses realize their monetary goals and build value for their stakeholders in all situations.

David Cutler is keen to act as CEO or for matter, a support resource for a company’s chief financial officer. When it comes to the specialties or skill sets of David JC Cutler, they are Audit, review, a compilation of financial statements, chief financial officer services, growing startups, complex financial reporting issues, IFRS accounting, debt and equity fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, accounting and tax planning for international operations, business valuations, and tax returns.

Financial Aid
David is completely alert of the education system in the United States and the skyrocketing college fees that students hailing from middle-class or poor families in the country cannot afford. The tuition fees are unusually high if a US student wants to pursue higher degree courses in a reputed college or university in the US. That is the reason why the David JC Cutler scholarship program is a noble cause initiated by David to come to the assistance of the financially deprived students of the country, who dream of a rewarding career in the future.

With many years of experience in financial planning and strategizing, David JC Cutler has the awareness and therefore, starts the scholarship program. The scholarship will help the poor candidates accomplish their career goals, get a higher degree, and bag a well-paying job for a rewarding career in the days to come. It means the poor students will not face any financial issues and easily pay for the college tuition fees once they win the scholarship prize money.

David believes in humanitarian initiatives and is delighted to declare the David JC Cutler program. The prize money of $1,000 will be given to the most worthy student, who pens the best easy on a given topic.

David JC Cutler knows that shelling out money for higher education fees in the US is challenging, impossible, to be honest, especially for those students with poor economic backgrounds. These students come from low-income families and therefore, cannot afford the expensive education in the public universities of the country.

He knows that many poor students are forced to take high-interest education loans from banks to pay for their advanced studies. It is the key reason why David JC Cutler has started the scholarship, which is a merit-based program for the most brilliant and deserving students.

The David JC Cutler prize money is helpful because the poor students will not need to return the cash received, which is the scholarship amount. This is not the case when they choose a bank loan with high rates of interest. The scholarship is one-time monetary assistance or cash prize money for the most deserving and brilliant student who can write the best essay with a word count of 700-850 words on a given theme. The topic is, “In 50 years’ time, what do you want to have achieved so that you can look back on your life with the satisfaction of having lived your life well?”

Before a student applies for the David JC Cutler program, he or she needs to meet the necessary eligibility criteria:
The candidate needs to be enrolled at one of the accredited American colleges or universities.
The student should be a sophomore, a junior, or a freshman, and at present an enrolled graduate.
All students should pen a detailed, engaging, motivating, and enlightening essay of about 700-850 words on the topic, “In 50 years’ time, what do you want to have achieved so that you can look back on your life with the satisfaction of having lived your life well?”

The David JC Cutler scholarship will be given to the brilliant and most deserving students based on the assessment of the essays until the last date of submission, as mentioned specifically. The US students who can pen a unique, informative, and engaging essay will win the reward money.

The David JC Cutler program is one-time reward money of $1,000 paid for one time.

How to apply
The David JC Cutler scholarship-based essay submissions need to be completed and sent via an email as an attached WORD file to [email protected]
The following details should be sent with the essays:
.Your Name
• Telephone or Contact Number

• Mailing Address
• Email ID
• High School Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
• University or College you have applied or already studying
• Most recent GPA
• Personal Bio-data in a few words

The last date for the David JC Cutler essay is on December 15, 2021, and the winner announcement of the recipient is on December 31, 2021.
The name of the winner will be published on this website www.DavidJCCutlerScholarship.com

Winner selection
The final winner, who pens an outstanding essay, will be informed through a formal email. The student must get in touch with David within a couple of weeks by responding to the email. The prize money will be sent directly to the student’s bank or scholarship aid account.

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