IIGERS Scholarship


IIGERS Scholarship

Benefits of Buying Real Instagram Followers for Boosting Your Business

Enrolling in top-tier educational institutions itself is a considerable challenge, but paying your way through a complete course is significantly more daunting today. This is not only limited to college education since top-tier upskilling courses and boot camps in fields like digital marketing and social media also cost an arm and a leg these days. This is why scholarships are the need of the hour, as they provide a career path to candidates with the drive and ability to succeed but who do not have the means. IIGERS provides a prestigious scholarship to meritorious students who are keen on pursuing their higher studies and specializing in social media marketing. IIGERS offers a scholarship award of $500 to the most deserving candidate to help him achieve his career dreams without encountering financial issues.

We know that scholarships are offered by several institutions and charitable trusts all over the world. Today top-notch online digital marketing organizations are coming forward with meaningful scholarships that could completely change the course of your career and help you fulfill your career aspirations. We offer IIGERS Scholarship to the most deserving candidate who is aspiring to pursue a career in Social Media Marketing. You simply need to fill out a form with your bio-data and then furnish the necessary details and submit an original essay via an email to IIGERS.

Despite being a field with great demand, it is hard to find genuinely capable social media marketers who are ready to go from day 1. The billions of dollars in the scholarship world are still majorly extended towards more traditional education paths, which is why we at IIGERS have decided to provide an impetus to enterprising social media marketing aspirants by extending them a generous scholarship. It will be awarded on a merit basis and does not need to be paid back in any way, hence the term „gift aid“.

IIGERS Is the Way to Go

IIGERS is one of the most successful and recognizable names in the world of online marketing, especially on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Our highly experienced workforce combines knowledge of the latest and greatest tools and tactics with state of the art services and platforms to deliver value to our clients. Most companies that claim to increase someone’s real Instagram followers make use of bots and fake profiles that are either penalized or purged by Instagram or recognized and pushed lower in the feed rankings by the algorithm.

Only IIGERS opens business profiles up to real humans and genuine reputed profiles on the platform and brings top-notch genuine engagement, likes, real Instagram followers, and customized services based on the need of the hour. Instagram now is used by over a billion active users a month, and we help our clients deliver value to them and enrich their businesses along the way. We strive to provide the highest quality social marketing experience for clients of all sizes and scales and are just as interested to help the field advance by attracting the best and brightest talents from around the world.

Why a Career in Social Media Marketing Is the Right Choice

Maybe you are a bright college student currently giving serious thought to your higher studies and career plans or you are a professional who is not too happy with the current job. You may be wondering if social media marketing could be taken up professionally. The best thing about Social Media Marketing is that it is certainly a viable career option. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of SMM professionals based in the United States is around $55,199 as of September 2019. So you may consider pursuing a degree in social media marketing and communications.

By leveraging social media marketing, businesses are provided with a platform for engaging with existing, as well as, new audiences and delivering relevant content for creating a robust community and growing brand exposure. SMM experts believe that building a competent social media stratagem will help in expanding your total inbound marketing endeavors and even help in building brand awareness, driving word of mouth, and attracting buyers. Social media marketing is the ultimate way to boost your brand in 2021.

About the Scholarship Hosted By IIGERS

IIGERS Scholarship is a prestigious merit-based fellowship wherein an amount of $500 is gifted to a brilliant student annually.

Deadline: 1st December 2021.

Winner Announcement Date: The winner of the IIGERS Scholarship will be announced on 15th December 2021.

IIGERS Scholarship Eligibility Details

A candidate has to fulfill some eligibility requirements for applying to IIGERS Scholarship. He or she should:

  • Be a legitimate citizen of the United States of America or the U.S.A.’s legal resident. The candidate must come up with all official documents to prove his legal residency in the country.
  • Be enrolled in one of the renowned or accredited US colleges or universities.
  • The candidate should have parental approval before putting in an application for the IIGERS Scholarship for pursuing higher studies in Social Media Marketing. Moreover, the candidate must furnish written permission from a parent to accept the gift-money.

How to Apply

All IIGERS Scholarship applications should be submitted in the format of a typical Word Document via an official email to [email protected].

Please provide all scholarship related details at the earliest and submit the application along with a unique essay based on the topic provided by IIGERS.

Here is the prompt: “What Are the Benefits of Buying Real Instagram Followers for Boosting Your Business in 2021 & beyond?”

  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Graduation Date
  • The college or university you are presently enrolled at
  • Your GPA

Essay Topic: “What Are the Benefits of Buying Real Instagram Followers for Boosting Your Business in 2021 & Beyond?”

IIGERS Scholarship Winner Selection

The fortunate winner of this highly-esteemed scholarship that is instituted by IIGERS would be officially intimated through a formal email from IIGERS’ office. The winning applicant should at once revert with an acknowledgment email. Remember that all assets associated with the IIGERS scholarship will be transferred to the applicant’s legitimate bank account. The winner of the IIGERS Scholarship will be announced on 15th December 2021 on IIgers.com.

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