Darius Jasinski Scholarship

Darius Jasinski Scholarship

The Darius Jasinski scholarship is one of the most humanitarian initiatives by Dr. Darius, a podiatrist with the degree Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). He is associated with the medical discipline and has immense knowledge and skills in his profession.

The scholarship is the initiative of Darius Jasinski, a groundbreaking idea to come to the assistance of the most deserving and talented students of the US, who have the wisdom and intellect to chase higher studies in the renowned colleges and universities of the country. These students have the brilliance to take up advanced degree courses but have a dearth of funds for skyrocketing college or university fees.

Darius Jasinski isquite knowledgeable in his profession and a qualified doctor with many years of experience. He employs his innovative ideas and uses them to come up with exceptional solutions to solve podiatric complications in patients. Darius Jasinski has proven medical knowledge and skills, solid leadership qualities, and hands-on experience to take care of ailing patients to treat them and care for them.

Darius Jasinski is fully aware of the existing education system in America and the exorbitant college tuition fees. Now, higher education fees are beyond the reach of the middle-class families of the country and the poor students cannot afford higher education in the country, especially in medicine, and related fields of study.

The tuition fees are so high that students from low-income backgrounds cannot chase advanced studies in an accredited college or university in America. That is the reason why the Darius Jasinski scholarshipis a noble, righteous cause started by Darius to help the financially disadvantaged students of the United States of America, who has the right to take up higher degree courses and enjoy a rewarding career and a well-paid job.

Darius Jasinski has many life experiences and knows how the US education system works, which is easy to access for the rich students but not for the underprivileged ones. That is why he initiated the scholarship program to aid the poor students to meet their career goals, pursue advanced studies, and bag a job with a high paycheck for a lucrative career in days ahead. When the most deserving student wins the Darius Jasinski scholarship prize money, he or she will not face monetary challenges to fund their higher studies.

Being a responsible medical professional and caring for patients for decades, Darius Jasinski believes in philanthropy and is happy to announce the Darius Jasinski scholarship program. He thinks that is just a small step to help the poor students of the US who has the potential to realize their dreams. The prize amount is $1,000 going to the most brilliant and deserving candidate, who can write an outstanding essay on a given subject.

Darius Jasinski understands that paying for higher studies in America is difficult, impossible, to be candid, especially for students with poor economic conditions. Most of these candidates hail from families with little income just to make both ends meet and therefore, cannot pay for higher courses in the US colleges or universities.

Darius Jasinski is aware that the financially underprivileged students often need to take high-interest education loans from banks and other financial institutions to pay for their tuition fees. That is the major reason why Dr. Darius has announced the scholarship program, which is fully merit-based for the most bright and intelligent students.

TheDarius Jasinskicash reward is beneficial, as the poor students aren’t expected to return the money they receive, which is a generous prize amount. Then, when these students opt for bank loans, they have to return the money borrowed at a high rate of interest. The scholarship is a one-time financial aid in cash for the most brilliant student who has outstanding writing skills. He or she needs to compose the best essay of 700-850 words on a specified topic. The prompt for the scholarship program is, “What impact will telemedicine have on hands-on specialties of medicine?


Before any contender applies for the Darius Jasinski scholarshipprogram, he or she is expected to complete the necessary eligibility criteria. These are:

The student must have an enrollment at one of the accredited American colleges or universities.

The student should be a freshman, a sophomore, or, a junior, and at present an enrolled graduate.

All candidates must compose a detailed, interesting, engaging, as well as an informative essay of about 700-850 words on the subject, “What impact will telemedicine have on hands-on specialties of medicine?


The Darius Jasinski scholarship is meant for the most deserving and brilliant students based on the evaluation of the essays until the final date of submission, as defined specifically. The American students who can write a unique, elaborate, and informative essay will win the scholarship money. The essay should have facts supported by data to make it more authentic.


The Darius Jasinski scholarship programis one-time cash prize money of $1,000 paid to the winning candidate.

How to apply

The Darius Jasinski scholarship-based essay submissions need to be completed and sent through an email as an attached WORD file to [email protected]

The students must send the following details along with their essays:

 .Complete Name

· Telephone or Contact Number

· Postal Address

· Email ID

. Personal Bio-data

· Date of High School Graduation

· College or University you are currently registered or have applied at or your request to join the institution is approved

· Present GPA


The last date of submission for the Darius Jasinski essay is on December 15, 2021, and the winner announcement of the scholarship recipient is on December 31, 2021.

The name of the winner will be published on the website DariusJasinski.com.

Winner selection

The ultimate winner, who writes an exceptional and well-thought-out essay, will be informed through a formal email. The candidate should get in touch with Dr. Darius within a few weeks by responding to the email. The prize money will be sent directly to the student’s bank or scholarship help account.

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