Marc Ravenscroft Grant Program

Marc Ravenscroft Grant Program

Marc Ravenscroft Grant is a program by Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft, who is a senior sales leader and achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Organizational Studies.

He completed his education from the University of California and hails from the Bay Area of Northern California. Marc is associated with several charitable institutions and come up with a noble cause to assist the poor students in the US, who struggle to pay higher-education fees of colleges or universities in the country. A prize amount of $1,000 would be given to the most deserving student who pens the best essay with clarity and innovation.

Marc has developed solid market planning schemes that led to the best growth of revenue for his clients. He is skillful in C-level contract conciliations, presentation of sales, and primary account management maintenance and retention. Marc has a dynamic state of mind to inspire major decision-makers, internally as well as externally, recognize and ensure that customers get the value for their money spent, and attain positive outcomes when it comes to revenue generation and growth.


Marc Ravenscroft

Besides being involved in philanthropic activities, Marc is an avid sportsman, golfer, basketball enthusiast, and tennis player. He loves to spend his leisure hour with Heather, his wife, mentoring, coaching, and supporting their kid’s academic and extracurricular activities.

Marc Ravenscroft is well-informed about the expensive education fees in the US and so, he comes up with the Marc Ravenscroft Grant with an objective to help deprived students in the US so that they can afford higher education and outshine in their career goals.

Marc is popular in his profession and more importantly for his cooperating and sympathizing attitude towards the poor students of the country, dedicated to providing financial aid to the most talented student. Marc is loved at his workplace because of this noble cause and idea to help the deprived students, who do not have enough money for higher studies in the US.

Again, Marc is a successful and accomplished sales manager, who knows that advanced education in the US is the belief and principle to build a winning and bright career in the future. Remembering this point in mind, Marc has come up with an exceptional idea, which is called the Marc Ravenscroft Grant Program with the considerate and demure goal of helping poor students so that they can pursue advanced studies and realize their career goals with a little assistance from Marc.

Marc Ravenscroft is aware that the university tuition fees in the country are past the financial ability of the poor students who want to enroll in a reputed college or university in the country. This is when Marc Ravenscroft Grant comes to the assistance of students in financial woes.

Marc Ravenscroft is mindful of the fact that that spending exorbitant university fee is not likely for students coming from middle-class families, and so the Marc Ravenscroft initiative.

The candidates from economically deprived backgrounds are often coerced to opt for high-interest education loans. These students need to repay the entire loan money unlike those hailing from affluent backgrounds and do not need to take an education loan at all. Marc Ravenscroft Grant was initiated for the meritorious candidates in the US so that they do not need to bear the higher education fees, which is a one-time monetary aid for the students. The candidate, who writes the best essay on the topic, “How Do You Cope with the Higher Education Fees in the US and Challenge the Student Loan Problem,” will walk away with the prize money of $1,000.

The Marc Ravenscroft Grant is to help the poor students aiming for higher education in America. Marc Ravenscroft knows the tuition fees in any private college in The US offering 4-year courses are exorbitant, amounting to $34,740. As far as the public universities are concerned, they take in-state students’ at almost $9,970, while out-of-state candidates would require shelling out $25,620. The yearly fee hikes amount to 2.4 percent in private institutions and 3.2 percent in a public university in the US.

As higher education fees are increasing consistently, Marc Ravenscroft Grant is nothing but financial aid for students chasing higher degree courses in the country. The Marc Ravenscroft scholarship, a great cause by Marc Ravenscroft, offers prize money of $1,000 to the most talented essay writer.


A student may be a senior in a high school or currently accepted at a recognized university or college.

He or she may be a freshman, sophomore, or junior student presently enrolled at a renowned college or university to qualify for the Marc Ravenscroft grant.

The student must submit an essay of approx 700-800 words titled, “How Do You Cope with the Higher Education Fees in the US and Challenge the Student Loan Problem?”

How Do You Apply?

All submissions for the Marc Ravenscroft grant should be made via an email, with a word file attached, as well as an email sent to [email protected]

Kindly provide the following details with the essay submission:

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • School Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
  • College or university you’re are now applying, or accepted at, or enlisted
  • Email Address
  • Most recent GPA
  • Your bio, in not more than 270 characters


The last date of application for the Marc Ravenscroft Grant is on May 1, 2021.

The winning student would be informed on May 15, 2021, through email.

The name of the winner to be published on

Winner selection

The final winner would be contacted through email. He or she should then get in touch with Marc Ravenscroft within 14 days by a return email to set up the award. The prize money will be sent directly to the student’s bank account.

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