Strategies for offense and defense in global capital markets

Strategies for offense and defense in global capital markets

Jun 18, 2015

This is an article that deals with hostilities within global capital markets. What is conveys in the following. A war is waged within global capital markets that is just as violent as the physical one. The difference is the type of violence and the ultimate physical and nonphysical impact.Bloodletting gives way to financial resource destruction and demolishing of infrastructure is substituted by the destruction of assets, markets, institutions, jobs and ultimately individuals. Why?? A prime trigger is instability in global capital markets at players, instruments, monitors and regulators levels. Strategies of aggression take a variety of forms starting with inconsistent capital flows and competitive devaluations to conditionalities, logistic  firewalls and vulture capitalist practices among others. Defense? Possible but constrained. Capital controls, reserve accumulation and sound banking system could help. Some of those could be described as protective and the others as preemptive. Preemptive measures could possibly prevent the onslaught and protective measures may provide a response.

Written by

Sam El Namaki (dr)

Dr. Sam El Namaki – Dean at Victoria University