Lecture at a Conference: The spirit of entrepreneurship – the values in leadership

Lecture at a Conference „The spirit of entrepreneurship – the values in leadership“




04 / 2015.


On April 22, 2015, a Conference „The Spirit of Entrepreneurship – the value in leadership.“ took place in Zagreb. Special guest of the conference was Sir Isaac Tigrett, founder and creator of the world’s famous chain Hard Rock Café and House of Blues. Professor. dr. Velimir Srića was the guest lecturer and he also moderated a panel discussion. The title of his lecture was „Harmonious leadership – a new paradigm“ based on his new book „In Search of Harmony in a Disharmonious World Leadership Manual for Change Agents And Dreamers“

The participants in the panel discussion titled „Entrepreneurial spirit based on 3E (ethics, ecology, economy) were: Gordana Kovacevic (the CEO of Ericsson Nikola Tesla), Dr. Elvira Mlivić Budeš (the founder of Filaks), Goran Becker (HAMAG -BICRO), mag. Lenja Faraguna, a marketing expert from Slovenia, Prof. dr Vladmir Gruden, a distinguished professor of psychology and Goran Pejaković, an ecologic activist.
Professor Luk Bouckaert, from KU Leuven, the President of SPES Forum, also participated at the conference with a lecture on the topic „Why do we need spiritually based leadership in business?“.

The main goal of this media-educational project on ethical leadership was to raise awareness about the importance of life in virtue of every individual and organization, and to promote the idea of including the spiritual, ethical and environmental principles (DEEP) in everyday life and business.