Master thesis within the BMBF-funded project MORE STEP %u2013 Mobility at risk: Sustaining the Mongolian Steppe Ecosystem


ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research, based in Frankfurt am Main, is one of the leading non-university institutes for transdisciplinary sustainability research. For 30 years, the Institute has been developing social-ecological concepts and science-based decision-making bases for politics, civil society and business. ISOE thus contributes to sustainable development and provides impulses for critical and sustainable science. 

The Institute’s funding and contracting authorities include international and national public institutions and private companies. The research unit Biodiversity and People invites applications for a 

Master thesis

within the BMBF-funded project MORE STEP – Mobility at risk: Sustaining the Mongolian Steppe Ecosystem.

The desk-based thesis will deal with the research question “What are the plausible futures or scenarios of internal migration in Mongolia?” Input data will be provided by the project and training on scenario building will be given by ISOE in cooperation with the research unit “Water Resources and Land Use.” Before starting to work on the thesis, the applicant is expected to do a research internship of 6 to 8 weeks at our institute in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

The applicant should:

  • be a Master’s student in the field of environmental science, geography, or related fields
  • have an interest in and previous knowledge of internal migration especially rural-urban migration
  • possess very good knowledge of literature research and of handling library systems and databases
  • know how to analyze quantitative social science data (e.g. STATA, SPSS, or R) preferably 
  • with some experience in this area
  • should be interested in scenario building or modelling 

If you are interested and have the required qualifications, please send your application (cover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates in one PDF, file of max. 5 MB) by May 25, 2020 via e-mail to

Dr. Marion Mehring 
ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research
Hamburger Allee 45
60486 Frankfurt am Main

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